The creation of online testing has created a whole set of different issues for educators. In addition to preparing students for content specific questions, teachers are now given the charge to make sure our students are able to manipulate the technology, all in a world where some students have daily access to tools and others do not.

Are our students able to tackle the technology skills needed to
complete the online assessments in addition to understanding the content?

The purpose of this site is for educators to find resources and ideas for teaching technology skills, as well as a place to send students to practice the technology skills. Use the resources provided to help guide instruction and prepare students for online testing. 

To complete the PARCC and OCBA tests students will need the following technology skills:

This site provides a matrix of skills involved in computer-based assessments with examples of increasing complexity for each. Use this matrix to help guide instruction on these types of tasks and to provide ideas for teaching options.

The new PARCC assessment will be computer based, which will allow for many accessibility elements to be built in. However, additional accommodations will be needed for some students with disabilities and students who are English learners. For more help on this issue, please see the Southwest Ohio Assistive Technology Consortium .