Basic Computer Skills

During online testing, students will need to manipulate information in various ways. Use these sites to teach basic technology skills that students will need to know or use them yourself to brush up on the basics.

  • General Computer Skills:
    • E-Learning for Kids - This free site offers general computer skill lessons that cover a variety of topics.
    • ABC YA - This free site offers educational computer games and activities for elementary students.  All activities were created or approved by certified school teachers.

  • Highlighting Skills:
    • Simple Highlighter - This is a Chrome web browser extension that highlights and annotates text on a webpage and produces a summary of the highlights/notes. It will also remember highlights if you return to a page a few days later.
    • Diigolet - This is an extension that will work on most major browsers.  It allows the user to highlight and add sticky-notes to web pages to bookmark them.
    • Scrible - This is an online bookmarking and highlighting tool similar to Delicious.

  • Mouse Skills:
    • MiniMouse - This is a collection of games that covers basic mouse skills such as clicking and dragging.
    • Mouse Exercises - This site practices placing the mouse, clicking, drag/drop, and drawing with the mouse.
    • Mouse Program - This site has simple activities for students to practice basic mouse tasks. This includes moving the mouse around, clicking, scrolling, drag/drop, and text selection.
    • Mouse Skill Resources - This is a collection of dozens of interactive sites to help students practice basic mouse skills.