Interaction Skills
Use these sites to supplement instruction and practice interactive website skills. Students are able to practice drag/drop, manipulation of images, clicking multiple objects/answers, and cutting/pasting.

General Interactive websites:
  • Interactive Sites for Education - A free site with a collection of interactive resources across all curriculums. Activities could be completed as a class or individually.  *Works great for Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Read, Write, Think - A free resource for teachers with interactive tools to help students accomplish a variety of goals - from organizing their thoughts to learning various content.
  • Mr. Nussbaum - This site houses a collection of interactive lessons and activities organized by grade levels and subjects.
  • Newsela - This Chrome application adapts to the reading level of the student while empowering them to adjust the complexity of the text. Students are empowered to build background knowledge through multiple re-readings and can apply highlighting and annotation to digital text. 
  • Cacoo - This Chrome application is an online drawing tool that allows for multiple users to edit the same diagram. 

PARCC Specific Manipulations:
*For these pages, have students focus on the movement/manipulation of the tool and not the content specific question.

Math Specific Manipulations: