Word Processing
Most online assessments require students to type their answers. Practicing word-processing and keyboarding is an important skill so that students are not hindered by their typing speed and manipulation of the tool.  

Keyboarding: (ability to type - includes speed)
  • Typing Web - This is a free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial program for typists of all skill levels. It includes games and typing tests, as well as a teacher portal to manage students and record progress.
  • Typing Club - This is a free online program that assists in improving typing speed. Students can practice each lesson over and over until mastery and earn stars for improvement.
  • Dance Mat Typing - This is a free typing tutorial program with 12 stages. It require FLASH and sound.
  • TypingWeb Typing Tutor - This is a Chrome application that is free and focuses on specific problem areas such as speed, accuracy, key-rows, and trouble keys. 
  • Big Brown Bear - This is a free online program that is designed to help improve touch-typing skills. The exercises gradually build up from using a few keys until total keyboard mastery.

Word Processing: (manipulating text - bold, italics, change font size, etc)
  • Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD - This site has a collection of activities to learn and review basic word processing skills. The skills and lessons are divided by grade level.
  • Google Docs - This is Google's free web-based word processing program. See examples of integration HERE.
  • Printing Press - This site provides templates to create newspapers, brochures, and posters in a basic word processing web-based program.
  • PARCC Constructed Response Simulation - This is a PARCC sample item. *A good suggestion for this site is to ignore the PARCC sample question and have students write their answer, such as a short personal biography. By using this sample simulation, students will become familiar with the PARCC format of word processing.
  • Zoho Docs - Another FREE web-based word processing program.  It allows students to perform basic word processing functions, as well as more advanced functions.  It works similarly to using Microsoft Word.